Water Jet Cutting


Water Jet Cutting Services

Our Water Cutting Jet cuts metal, plastic, and many other materials with fast turnaround and competitive rates. This ensures we can help keep your project on time and to a quality standard second to none.

With the arrival of our new Maxiem 3060 Water Jet Cutter, CNS Stainless Surfaces can take care of all your cutting requirements. Using 50,000 psi of cutting power, we can cut just about anything with speed, accuracy and detailed precision. Check out the types of materials this machine can cut:

Stainless SteelMild Steel
ACM PanelsRubber

With the water jet you can let your imagination run wild. With the ability to cut a huge range of materials and the size of the bed there is nothing we cannot handle. Artists and designers can be free to choose materials that would not be able to be cut by traditional means, and the accuracy of the cut means details are not left out. Unlike routers the cutting nozzle is 0.7mm in diameter so the corners are sharp. Unlike lasers the waterjet can cut many more products from wood to metal ceramic tiles and stone benchtops, then with a simple click of a mouse we can then be cutting glass or plastics. This means we can supply all components of your project as they can can be all cut in the one factory. If needed we have a team of fabricators ready to finish off any welding or folding requirements

If you would like prices for any water jet cutting requirements, please contact us on 06 3555196 or click the button below to send a quote request.

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