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Kitchen benchtop
Kitchen benchtop
Kitchen benchtop


Residential Kitchen Benchtops


CNS Stainless Surfaces Ltd manufactures stainless steel benchtops, as well as custom-made stainless and metal products. We deliver nationwide from our centrally located factory in the Manawatu. With over 18 years of experience in the stainless industry, we have chosen benchtops as our area of expertise. Our aim is to share our knowledge and experience with you to create the ideal surface for your kitchen or home.

  • We provide a specialised stainless benchtop fabrication service - something that we feel is unique in this region.
  • We also manufacture all other metalwork that goes into a kitchen, or any part of the home or building, ie. splash backs, wall mounts, shelving, range hoods, handrails or custom-made items for specific requirements.
  • The quality and finish of your project is our top priority ensuring that you only get our best work.
  • We understand that delivery dates have to be met and ensure that your project is completed on time. Without sacrificing quality we pride ourselves on delivering when we say we will.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to produce custom designs, including creative shapes, waterfall ends, special bowls and any other requests you might have.

"We get so many compliments with our choice of stainless steel bench. We were most impressed with the range of stainless steel patterns we could use and the affordability. A big thanks to Colin & the team at CNS Stainless Surfaces."

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Q: How much?
A: Click here to get a quote.

Q: What level of quality can I expect.
A: We're meticulous in the finish of all of our work. Click here to read our case study.

Q: Do you provide a Guarantee?
A: We adhere to international welding standards and personally guarantee our work.

Q: When can I expect my project completed?
A: Most projects are completed in two weeks.

Q: Do you have examples of your work?
A: Yes. Click here to view our portfolio.

Q: Why choose stainless?
A: Click here for our stainless guide.

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Stainless steel benchtops

Stainless steel benchtops

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