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Kitchen benchtop
Kitchen benchtop
Kitchen benchtop


Why Choose Stainless Steel?


Choice and Versatility:

With the many textured finishes available, stainless steel can be used to create decorative features that make a strong statement in the home. An array of embossed, patterned and coloured metal finishes provide a large selection of designs that are both modern and attractive in appearance - offering a wealth of versatility.


Patterns can be used to achieve different visual effects. Coloured surfaces are colourfast, so the colour is inherently part of the stainless steel. Multiple surface finishes can be combined on the same product with the appearance of a seamless surface - lending to freedom of creativity and individual style for your customers.


Stainless steel is a very durable product and can confidently be used in the hardest wearing work environments, without losing its visual appeal and without the risk of being damaged.

Easy to Maintain:

Unlike other surfaces, stainless steel will not chip, crack, peel or fade over time, and with a buffing service every 2 years, classic finish kitchen benchtops and benches can be brought back to near new again.


Stainless steel is the product of choice in the food industry throughout the world. It is a non-porous surface, therefore bacteria can easily be cleaned away. There are no joins or gaps for germs to build up in thus creating an easy-clean, bacteria-free work surface. Follow the surface care guide for best results for your stainless benches.

Surface Care:

Dirt and grease accumulate over time from many sources. This can be easily removed by routinely cleaning with warm, soapy water, followed by rinsing with warm, clean water, and finish by wiping dry with a clean, absorbent cloth. On your stainless kitchen bench, never use abrasive cleaners, as nearly all of these will scratch the bright polished stainless steel surface.

Also never use steel wool to clean the surface as this will leave rust stains. For textured surfaces, a nylon bristled brush will remove any dirt and grime which may accumulate in the valleys of the textured finish. If marks such as fingerprints are a problem, a light surface coating of baby oil, clear silicone wax polish or furniture polish such as Neopol will help prevent reoccurrence of this on your stainless benches.

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A Selection of Some of the Surface Finishes Available

Classic Polished

Rimex Linen

Stainless steel benchtops Mirror


Rimex Checks

Stainless steel benchtops Squares

Rimex Squares

Stainless steel benchtops 7GM


Stainless steel benchtops Canvas

Rimex Canvas

Stainless steel benchtops Gold Pyramid

Gold Pyramid

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